Winter has arrived – sob!


I’ve been a bit of a slacker in the riding department this week. Until the weekend, I was at 2 rides. My lesson on Bali on Tuesday, and then Tanq on Weds…when he was a bit of a jerk. My excuse is that it rained, was sloppy, cold, and the days are still getting shorter and I’ve just been taking it easy this week in the riding dept. Although, I did end up with 7 for the week, which puts me at 475 rides this year. Not sure why I totaled the rides up early this year, but now that I’m so close to the end of the year, I’m just adding each week. And while that is a lot of rides for an amateur w/ a full time job and a horse farm to run, it is still nothing compared to what pros do.

Pat had to go off to Sioux Falls, SD, where it makes our weather seem balmy! Our lows are still higher than the highs there. His grandmother died, and he’ll be a pallbearer tomorrow at her funeral. I was glad to have known her, but wish I could have known her better, but she was afraid to travel and we did not get out there often, we don’t travel much.

But, I got Tanq, Bali, and Sparkle ridden yesterday, and Tanq & Bali today, and Suzy rode Sparkle for me today. I downloaded a “to do list” app today to try out on my Android, and between that and the foul weather outside, I got 22 of 26 items on the list done, and a few extras. Registered the truck with the new 3 year option, paid property taxes, cleaned a lot of stuff like laundry and the refrigerator, rebedded the stalls, dropped off Pat’s car for service. Rides were on the list. Oddly, I did not get to the “sort mail” item.

Yesterday, I opted for a trail loop on Tanq. I’ve realized that if he gets a lot of time off, a trail ride is the best thing to do to get him back into work. He loves going out and then today, he was very pleasant to ride, despite the high winds, flapping tarps and cold temp! We did a 6 mile loop on the roads yesterday.

Bali had a ring ride yesterday and Sparkle a bareback trail loop with the neighbor. Bali was having quite the tantrum over me leaving on a trail ride w/out her, so today it was a trail ride for Bali. Boy was she up! I had planned to record our loop, but I learned that you have to turn the GPS on BEFORE you start recording, turning it on after you start, it only recorded the time, not our route. Booo, I wanted to see our top speed. Bali opened up into a full gallop and had no bucking. A bit of head twirling when we started, and I can now see that if I ever get to hunt her…I’ll be needing more bit. Next time, I think a jumping saddle w/ shorter stirrups are in order.


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