Tanq jumps and Bali gets flying changes!

Sunday, I went for a jumping lesson with Michael at Cavallo Farm . I took Tanq and he needs to start jumping more and I need to get to more schooling shows with him, and I hadn’t seen Michael in a while. Tanq was very good. I need to package him up more, he’s great on the long and low, but now he needs to come together more and be less strung out. Andi came as well with Allie and she had a good lesson on Allie.

Tanq also did a bit of jumping with Ashleigh on Saturday. She did a nice job of keeping him consistent, and he did not stop or run-out once. I kinda like putting the kid up and just saying what to do! Eden was on Sparkle and was disappointed because Sparkle really does not like to jump, and since she had her coffin joint and pasterns injected, I’m not really wanting to put the extra wear on her front feet with jumping so there was only the ground pole for Sparkle.

Tonight it was my weekly dressage lesson. It was just a good lesson. After warming up, we went ahead and did a couple of simple changes, then just asked for the flying change. It was a bit drama filled, as I was going left to right, the hard way, but it was clean, and her lead change as evasions are also becoming clean instead of late behind! Yay. Then, it was a right to left, and that was clean, so we were done with those. On to haunches in, the real one, at the canter, towards the mirrors so I could see the angle. Once that felt pretty good, it was down centerline, half pass to wall, at the canter. I need to remember to let the shoulders lead and keep the bend, and keep an active feel to the inside hand, not locking it and becoming static. Also, at the end, I was asking how do you end the half pass. You are not straight, since the shoulders lead, and the answer is to ride the end like a leg yield to catch the haunches up to the shoulders. Eventually, this will become the half pass zig zag, with lead changes, so I need to be clear in what I need to do so that my horse can receive clear instructions!

Two differences tonight. I tried out smooth rowel spurs, and used a whip without a nylon popper, but a leather thong at the end. I need to get a pair of the rowel spurs. She seemed to like them and respond well, and since I didn’t use the whip much, there was very little kick-out “you TOUCHED ME!” drama.


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One Response to Tanq jumps and Bali gets flying changes!

  1. Andi says:

    Did some checking – Dover doesn’t carry the leather popper whip, but a few other places do. It’s called a “piaffe whip”.

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