Bali’s Left shoulder gets stuck

Yesterday, as I was doing my homework on Bali I realized how “stuck” she is in her left shoulder. My homework (I cannot remember if I blogged about that) was to work on right haunches-in while in left canter, and well, I did the other direction as well. The other direction, much easier, but this is all working on strength and flexibility to hopefully make the flying changes happen.

Her evasion? change leads. But, with no ground person, I cannot know if it was a clean change or late behind, it isn’t like these are a bunch of strides late behind, but it is front/back instead of back front together. So, not knowing, and it being an evasion and all that, I walk, and pick up the first lead again.

My hands being tied still (figuratively…this is how I refer to my baling twine tied to the D rings on the saddle that I loop my pinkies through) I’m starting to master using the whip with this.

The length is not quite right yet. I need it a tiny bit longer as it is a tiny bit too low. The baling twine in use is also fraying fast…maybe I’ll find a piece of softer material.

Tanq is doing pretty well. He’s been fine without Equipak in his front feet, but last night he had a few steps that were a bit uneven. I’d ridden him in the field Sunday, not the ring, so perhaps he was a touch sore. No heat, and when I had him do stretches, there were a huge number of cracks and pops. I wondered if all those cricks in his neck could have made him feel a tiny bit uneven. And, he was objecting to coming from behind, it might have been a bit of residual muscle soreness from the hard work Sunday, him resisting coming round by tightening his jaw, and pulling on me, then feeling uneven.

I’ll see how he feels tonight.

Now, off to work. Lesson tonight.


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