Saddle fitting, wee ones and flying changes…or not

After riding with Todd, I went to meet up with Colleen Myers about jumping saddles. I almost weenied out, but Lauren convinced me it would be fun, so I hauled on down.

Bali’s Black Country Quantum X just wasn’t working at all. It wobbles, it is the wrong shape, and it does not inspire confidence in heading to big jumps when your saddle is all over the place.

Bali is a bit wide….ok, she is a lot wide. The vast majority of saddles are too narrow for her. Which makes shopping a challenge. I don’t want to drop thousands on a saddle, that I can’t try in advance, and might not work and will be custom, thus me stuck with it.

Colleen had a trade in model saddle, that fit me in the seat, fit Bali in the back, the flaps were a bit odd, but it could work. But…she wants to use that saddle as a template. So, the saddle is off to England, where a saddler will use it as a model, with some tweaks to the flaps, and I think I might have a jumping saddle to fit Bali…before spring, if I’m lucky. I left her BC with Colleen to sell for me.

Then, Lauren came in with Tres, a nifty Andalusian stallion she has (for sale I might add), and said I could try a few lead changes on him. It worked, I got them, I need to feel it more times. I then played with some shoulder in and half pass on him, he is a sweet little ride. This is NOT me on him.

Then, I had to zip home, because Suzy was there with her nephew, sister, mom and family so that the nephew could meet Romeo. Seriously, if you want to see adorable toddler meets horse pictures, and laugh at captions, go here.
Sample picture…
And then last, we had a lesson, wherein I tried to convince Bali that flying changes are good, and best done back to front.

I have homework. Ride haunches in to the right, while in left lead canter..with right bend…then other side. Move shoulders and haunches in/out. I did a ton of canter/walk/canter transitions this morning. Those are good. Someday, this too shall come.

Oh, Tanq is coming along nicely, new pics of him.


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3 Responses to Saddle fitting, wee ones and flying changes…or not

  1. Andi says:

    Jim looked over at the picture of the nephew on Sparks and said, “Just how wide is that mare?” 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Ha, I like it. Please continue to pick the ponies that are a max of say 12″. No more 18″ s. my hips ache just thinking about it.

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