BLM report and a few lessons

I’m a smidge overdue on a post.

The first thing, Sparkle’s joint injections seem to have worked! Yay! She went, she was sound, she was awesome and everyone loves her…but the judges. Poor thing, a Dressage pony at heart, and a cow pony in body. But, I never let on to her that her scores are low, and she knows she is the best thing since sliced bread. She also knows that everyone loves her. So unfair I have not loaded any pictures of her yet. I’ll start a batch to upload while I go to bed.

I rode Second level, and the first level championships. Sparkle was awesome, her lateral work is really nice, she gives 110% of try on her mediums and lengthenings (and gets 4s or 5s…sigh), but part of why I ride her is to get more confidence riding the tests and in shows. Although, getting horrible scores can be not-so-confidence inspiring. In fact, on Sunday, our last test, I rode Sparkle and Bali in the same class. Sparkle was awesome, she had one disobedience. Bali simply quit…Bali won. But, I’ll take my swag, we got first and second place. I told Sparkle she got the first place and bought her a halter with the VTO Saddlery gift certificate (BTW, VTO Saddlery is about my favorite, they come to shows, have great sales, and support local competitions with prizes…oh, they are also super nice and helpful, so I like to shop at their booths).

I loved the lighting on the Friday morning pictures. It was sunrise, and while the smaller image is not as clear, I’ll figure out the link to the photostream/slide show.

I got my highest score ever…66.571 in the First 3 championship. It was from the judge at C. That was on Bali…of course. On Sparkle, we had one of those unfortunate timing incidents, where she got spooked about one minute before I had to go in, and was tense and spooky for her test. It happens. Sadly, that 66 was my ONLY score over 60. Good thing I’m an amateur with a real job!

Bali’s real color here.

Earlier, I’d gone to a clinic with Todd Fletrich. I took Bali. She was pretty good and I got some good exercises for getting her rounder that do not involve pulling. I’ll be going back again this weekend for 2 rides. One memorable set of work was to leg yield at walk, head to the wall to soften her jaw on the outside, straighten, canter depart, walk transition, rinse repeat. After a few of those, she was feeling pretty good. We also did some haunches in and shoulder fore on a 20m circle at the canter to get her more supple. I had my friend Kyrie video, but I haven’t done anything yet with the video.

It is so much easier when Doug takes the pictures and has them on his website.

Pictures of Sparkle soon. I need to upload to Flickr…and should figure out resizing. Oh, all pics are from Pics of You, and I bought the CD for both horses.


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  1. Andi says:

    Remind me to get your videos so I can upload them to YouTube for you! 😀

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