A beachcomber and joint injections…

Busy week. I had to take Chris back to UVA on Tuesday, which meant moving my lesson to Thursday. Then, Allie had banged her stifle getting into the trailer and was lame, I tried to ride Sparkle instead, and she was lame, so I hastily scheduled a vet appointment to get her looked at. She had some synovitis in her pasterns and coffin joints, but no major arthritic changes (yay!) in her xrays, so she got the coffin and pastern joints injected. Given her conformation, it is not surprising, she toes in and paddles, which puts extra stress on those joints. Dr. Anikis thinks she should be sound and fine for the show by next Friday, but she does get a full 5 days off, thankfully, she is a sane girl and I don’t expect any difficulties from having that much time off before a show.

What I hope is that she’ll be sound for years, but I will be starting her on a joint supplement and probably some monthly Adequan. Worst case, her workload is cut back a bit. She is a seriously awesome horse.

Gratuitous picture (of course!)

Bali was good, but a bit lackluster in our lesson. Motivation from Lauren for lengthenings was provided and I need to do that a few more times…THAT is what extensions feel like! Woot. Of course, the first wave of the lunge whip nearly sent me to the rafters, but eh….we had power and sit after that.

On the whole, I think we’re ready for the show. My goal is still to stay above 60 this year.

My new Beachcomber…a drag! It vaguely looks like this, but the model I bought has new features and has skids and is shorter front to back, and works pretty well. I’m geeked out over a new chain harrow. I use it 2-3 times a week on the ring and then the pastures in addition. So far, I’m impressed with this product. 100% made in USA too.


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