Whoops-forgot the walk pirouette

Tonight, I took Sparkle to my lesson. I don’t think Lauren has seen her in at least 2 months, I always take Bali and Tanq.

I’ve got Sparkle entered into 2nd level classes, so we needed to run through the checklist and see how things were doing.

Shoulder-in, open that inside rein a bit, get into it one stride sooner. Homework, do volte and into shoulder in from the first step.

Haunches-in, I seem to get into HI much more easily on Sparkle. As I go into corners though, think of riding it as a haunches-fore…not a real thing, but not quite a haunches in.

sometimes Sparkle might be a little low in the poll when we get her round, but that is how she is built.

before the medium, get a really collected trot, to show a difference. Sparkle has gotten pretty awesome about her mediums…and they are probably still a 5. Bah humbug on that. But, as I told her, Totilas has a sucky extended trot too. She is in good company.

The counter canter in 2-3 is simple change on the long side to the wrong lead. That isn’t hard, I’m to ask for the canter with seat only, if necessary, put my outside leg back, but not use it for the lead.

Hold the shoulder fore for the lengthenings…and Sparkle made a liar out of me. I said “She is not the sort to offer a flying change”….uh huh. Yes she is, canter lengthening with shoulder fore? Oh, sure….you must want a flying change, flair is gratis.

Since the simple change is between letters, use the 10m circle to get a good canter-walk. then, the wrong lead, cross the diagonal to correct lead.

Then, we read the test, and eek, that’s right, there is the walk pirouette. So, a few minutes of work there.

To the right, keep flexion, think of moving the shoulders around. the hind end is better this way (my stronger side…coincidence?). To the left, think of the half pass step, pause, half pass step. To really get the feel, look at the inside hip. Obviously you won’t do this in a test. Also, almost think neck rein, moving both hands over a bit.

I’ve got to learn Second Level, Test 3.


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