Tanq is a Rockstar!

There will be pictures, and who knows how impressive they will be, but today, we took Tanq and Romeo to Frying Pan Park to school over some solid, XC obstacles, water, and ditches.

When we first got there, we had an “OH NO!” moment, because somehow, we’d come with only 1 girth. ACK! But, luckily, Clifton Saddlery was there, with a mobile tack shop, and we were able to buy one, and make do. It was not ideal as we bought the shortest long girth they had to use on a dressage saddle that takes a short girth. But, it worked, and I think I might be able to use that girth on Skinny boy Tanq, with the jumping saddle.

After the long tack-up, which gave Tanq a while to chill about a new place, we finally got on, and walked around the main field behind the indoor. We started over a teeny, tiny log, and Tanq had no problem with that, but with all that room, he said “wheee! Let’s go fast!”. He certainly was not out of control, but also wanted to go, so I did a few big circles to bring him back to the trot after the first few fences, but then, decided to settle on letting him canter, come back around to the jump and just do huge circles until it was not quite the “whee!!!” moment. The small, faded-white coop was SCARY. That was worthy of a snort and attempted run out. I had him go look at it, and think about it, and then we asked Romeo to give him a lead. Ha! Romeo was having none of it. So, in the end, Tanq gave Romeo a lead over that one.

We followed over a few jumps, and just did a few others, but the field is rather empty at the moment, so we didn’t have dozens. And after he was softly cantering, jumping well and a good man, we headed back to the water. Now, a tiny bit of history. Tanq has been a rank pig about several stream crossings, so I was anticipating a bit of bad behavior when it came to water. Well, he was marching forward, very happy, and I daresay I asked for the pause, inadvertently, but no doubt rider caused. I realized he was happy to walk in the water, and in we went. He got nervous about standing by the bank out, and was not sure what he was to do, but Romeo walked by and showed him. After that, Tanq was all about the water. Trot in, trot out, trot down the bank to go in, etc. He probably would have cantered, but I did not ask.

Then, with that success, we headed to the itty-bitty ditch. Tanq was strutting down the path, basking in what an awesome horse he is, and was about to trot over the jump that must be coming up, and OMG!!!! The ground is GONE! Gone I tell you! But Doug saved the day and walked over. Tanq cocked his head, and said “ah ha!” and followed Doug. We did that ditch a few times, and went on over to the bigger ditch. This one required more coaxing. Following Doug was not enough, and so Suzy got off and led him over. As soon as he was over, he was gung-ho about the whole idea. So, he needs to get used to the idea of going over NEW items without a lead, but for now, I’m very pleased with how well he did.

After success at water, small jumps, and ditches, we packed it in and headed home.

What a good little man!


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