A No Lesson Tuesday

Lauren called in sick, and Andi called in swamped with work, and Pat is up in NY, which means it is me and the critters.

First thing was bot fly egg removal. Holy smokes, those guys are BAD this year. Not sure what is up, but what a pain. Tanq is such a thin-skinned boy that sometimes he gets his skin scraped off as I scrape the eggs off, but he doesn’t complain. Thin skinned…but tough.

Then it was time to ride. Tanq was up first. He has become so pleasant. I started off with some 20m circles, then some 10m circles to leg yield as a warm up. After doing that both directions, it was some canter work. The 15m canter circles are nice, he is feeling stronger and working from behind. After both ways of canter it was back to trot work, more 10m circles and some shoulder in, a walk break to answer the phone, and finished up with a last couple of shoulder ins. He is building strength but I sure wish he were steadier in the contact in a higher frame. It will come.

Next up, Sparkle. She was pretty good. Shoulder in, haunches in, at trot, and shoulder fore and haunches in down the long sides in canter with some pliee to half pass at the canter. I tried a few lead changes, and she struggled a bit, but did get them (late behind I think, but I had no ground person to confirm, it might have just been lots of failed attempts with a final clean). That and a few simple changes, because the next show is looming and I’ve entered 2nd level on both horses. Some stretchy trot and a walk around the field to cool out.

Finally Bali. I saved her for last because well….I might have skipped one of the others if they’d been last, but Bali is the Bebe. She’d rubbed her tail…dammit. She is such a princess about her tail, wants it shampooed twice a week…and some sort of bug loves her, it is welted near the dock with some sort of irritation. Need to get more anti-sweet itch stuff. There was some Equispa stuff that seemed to work, but I ran out and hate shopping.

I did a ton of trot work on Bali. really working on feeling the haunches in, and shoulder in, getting a good angle, keeping the same rhythm, and forward. Then worked on really collecting the trot, then some mediums. I think I am finally getting the mediums! OMG!!!! Then, after doing some reinback/walk/reinback/walk/reinback, I realized, oh wait, I still haven’t cantered tonight, so we did a canter routine. The haunches in is getting stronger, the medium while on the bit is starting to get better, counter canter is good, and we did a few simple changes on her. Ended with a final canter-trot transition as I need that in all the 2nd level tests. The canter-walks were a bit abrupt, so I did a few “almost” walk transitions and cantered on. Bali is so awesome. She makes learning to ride fun.

Shoot, I need to feed Zazou (the fish). I keep forgetting him.


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