Tanq shines this week

Tanq has been doing very nicely this past few weeks. He loves his Equipak in his shoes, and he’s getting stronger, and his canter is softer, and he is so mellow, I’ve been getting other people up on him as much as possible. Important for a sales horse.

On Friday, my friend Susan came and rode him. She’s been taking a break from horses this past year, but I think the bug might be biting her again. I had her ride Tanq, and he was really nice. She only wanted to walk/trot, and he was fine with that. A bit of moving off her seat and leg, nice transitions, and overall, a pleasant ride.

Today, I had two young ladies (12) out to help me around the barn in exchange for some saddle time, and Ashley wanted to ride Tanq. Eden rode Sparkle. Both young ladies have been riding in weekly lessons in various barns in the area for a few years, so not complete beginners, and they have obviously had competent instruction as both did quite well. Sparkle, is practically perfect, so I expected no less and Eden loved her (and had particularly nice hands for a young rider). Tanq, I suspected he’d be good, and he did not disappoint.

Ashley rode him around, he was excellent. She did need a crop to get him forward, and she used it correctly with a tap behind her leg, even knowing to ask if there was a barn preference to shoulder/behind leg (behind leg for most needs), and she had him going in a soft, easy trot, and had a few lovely canters. I was so pleased to see him go so nicely with a kid on board! I did not expect anything bad, I wouldn’t have put a kid up if I had, but this was a bonus.

Nicely done on both the weeding and riding! I had to update Tanq’s ad. Kid safe!

When I’ve been riding him, I’ve been working on connection and a more consistent contact, working on first level stuff (10m trot circles, 15m canter circles, leg yield, etc) and he is not disappointing me at all.

Next week, jumps need to go up, and he needs to get back into the jumping routine.


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