Seat seat seat – Richard Williams lessons day 1

I hauled down, with no tire failures! Woot! Settled in, let the horses hang out for an hour or so, and then needed to get my lessons started.

I started out on Bali, then was onto Sparkle. I’m going to jot down a stream of thoughts, and will come back and edit.

Inside seatbone, but without leaning in. Use as much outside leg as inside seatbone.

Give the reins, one at a time to test self carriage, small movement, not big.

In shoulder in, lengthen outside neck and no inside rein.

Relax lower leg, to be more fluffy, let the horse’s movement let it bounce.

More bubbly seat.

Heavy elbow on the outside.

Inside hand an inch or so higher than outside, instead of pulling back, lift inside hand up.

Riding shoulders in and haunches in off the seat only, not using hands/reins.

Flying changes, they happened. On both horses.

Sparkle is probably going to piaffe more easily than Bali.

Sweet spot on calf is an oval, vertical. Sweet spot on horse’s side is an oval, horizontal. You need to find that spot where your sweet spots coincide.

For really collecting (working towards piaffe) ask for haunches in on both legs at the same time. Both rider legs are back, fluffing in time with the horse, let the horse’s bounce bounce your legs. Not swinging the haunches, but asking both to step under at the same time.

When weighting outside elbow, like a grocery bag w/ a gallon of milk hanging in crook of elbow, use inside seat bone.

If you pull with the inside hand, you lose your inside seatbone connection.

Bring shoulder back to engage seatbone, not lean in.

Look no further in than the horse’s outside ear when doing circles. Not riding jumpers

Think of being a cylinder when you ride circles, you want your horse and you to be creating a cylinder, not a cone. If you are leaning in, you are forming a cone. This feels odd to me, I’m used to leaning in. a lot. I often seem to think the feel of leaning in is bend. Not so.

Need to go ride another horse, so publishing and will come back.


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