Work stress – huh?

I recently changed jobs, and I’m starting to worry that I chose poorly. Why? Well, the last time my stomach was bothering me this much, I ended up with bleeding ulcers. And, it was similar, but way, way worse, because the manager was an asshole, and I do mean, a shining example of how NOT to manage.

What is stressing me out so much? I have yet to be given a single real task. Now, the good, everybody is really nice, but I’ve basically gotten the vibe that it is now time to shut up about needing work and do my time…er, I mean, look busy for 8 hours a day, because otherwise, I might not have a job. Well, needless to say, I’m not independently wealthy, so I am dependent upon working for an income. Oh well, I have a meeting today, maybe I’ll get something from the customer on what they were wanting.

My stress comes from the fact that if I’m not actually producing anything, my position needs to be eliminated, but if my position is gone, I’m unemployed. It does not help that now, AFTER I’m working here, they are suddenly fixated on external certifications. And, I don’t have those. I just do the work. But, my game plan is to find a certification, and start working on it. I certainly have time. Second step, start talking to my peeps at the last two places.


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