This weekend is going to be fun!


So, in a recent post, I mentioned I was trying to figure out how to go work with Richard Williams (and Frances, his wife) soon. And….it works out that I’m going this weekend. When I pulled up Mapquest and did the map, I remembered why I’ve taken so long to get around to this….it is 5 hours each way.

But here is part of my excitement, when I called and talked to Frances, I was in my usual “talk to trainer to schedule, they never want to talk, so be succinct” mode, and it took a minute, but I realized, she was genuinely interested in knowing what I had been working on, and what I wanted to work with! Even better, when I said that I am sure that part of my roadblocks are my not having ridden a schoolmaster, she offered up her own horse so that I can ride piaffe, and another horse so I can get the feel for flying changes.

Then, the discussion of the progression of a dressage horse we touched on was lovely, and so this weekend is going to be freakin’ fantastic. Although, Pat did ask if I had a second spare tire yet for my trailer when he saw how far it is.

I’ll be cooking a couple of meals too, and since I love cooking, that is good too, and I’m so looking forward to the mealtime discussion of training details and theories with really fun, intelligent and caring people.


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