Gilligan’s Island and mowing…and riding

The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

The three hour tour…that is what the front field is. A 3 hour field. Yesterday, I was feeling kinda tired, and so rather than ride in the morning, I mowed the field behind the house. The pollen was intense! I had a visible layer on my arms and the tractor was looking yellow…not red. I’m not sure what weed that was, but I sure hope I managed to beat those going to seed. Then, I got home, and mowed an hour in the front field, which is around a third. I just rotated the horses out of that field, and will mow it, drag it, then let it grow until mid-December, when I will turn horses back out, and they will refuse to eat baled hay, preferring it on the stalk! Saving me a pretty penny for about 4 weeks of winter. I learned that this method is called stock-piling. I figured this out back at the old farm, and while researching for building the new farm, found an article at Virginia Tech about it, and found it has a name and is a valid, pasture management technique for feeding stock.

I’ve been working out, but only made it 3x this week, but in my quest to diversify and become fitter and have better reflexes and dexterity, I did a step class on Wednesday. It left me with an almost charlie-horse in my left calf, so I was working on stretching that, and then had a dentist appointment on Thursday that used up my work out time, then I did a total body strength class on Friday. Egads. These classes are pretty good. I’m realizing that if I want to lose weight, I should lose my wine. I’ll be keeping my whine, and do not want cheese with it, but the wine, empty calories. And, the weight I want to lose is the paunch on the belly. I made it to the mall to buy new sneakers. Mine were worn out. I also utilized that dreaded shopping time to buy glamorous underthings. Shopping…I hate it.

Riding, I’ve been riding this week, just nothing exciting….11 rides so far, even with taking Friday off.

Bali – She is doing well. I have been doing light rides on her, either conditioning me in 2 point, or just short, as it was late. My ring is way too dusty for riding, and the ground is like concrete, so everyone is getting light work. Tonight, Pat came to ride with me, on Sparkle, so her ride was very easy.

Tanq – Sound again!!!! He had a light week, Tuesday to Lauren’s, Andi rode him for me on Thursday and he was really great with a new rider, then I rode him today. Today he felt great and he seems pretty happy to work in the slightly higher head frame that we played with on Tuesday with the mirrors. I worked on steady contact and no head lift in walk/trot transitions a lot tonight, and he was pretty good. The canter-trot transitions are lovely. That third dentist visit made a big difference. Oh, he is looking pretty darned fabulous. Perhaps I can get pictures of him soon.

Sparkle – good as ever. She was relishing her luck in getting Pat to ride. He enjoyed a beer while we toured the farm, she approves of this laid-back ride.

Romeo was annoyed that I skipped him tonight. I took pity on him and rode him on Wednesday evening, and was planning on riding him today, but ran out of daylight.


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