It got pretty toasty again in Virginia

We had some cool weather in August…and rain. Now, it is September and dry as a bone and hot again. Luckily, it is cooling down at night though.

So, in my quest to become fitter and ride better, I tried out a step-aerobics class yesterday. This is the first activity that has left me sore…in my calves! It was rather humorous, attempting to figure out all the steps, but pretty fun. I think I’ll continue that, and try some of the other classes they have in the gym. The better my coordination, the easier body control for riding is….at least I hope so. I got to the gym 5 times last week, but this week will only be 3.

Bali had an easy night last night, because I was practicing 2 point…in the dark. I rode Romeo as well since Suzy was stuck at work, and Sparkle had gotten a ride in the morning.

Today, I rode Sparkle in the morning, then Bali tonight and I got Andi to ride Tanq. It gets Andi another ride, one less horse for me to ride, and I get to see how Tanq does with another rider. He is a cool customer and was fine. I really need rain and softer ground so we can get back to jumping with him.

I really am hoping for some rain from Hurricane Earl, but it is not looking very promising.

Long weekend, and I’m looking forward to it.


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