Late summer = Hard Ground

We had a bit of rain in August and it greened up all the grass, but it stopped again, and the ground is back to concrete status.

Tanq, who was feeling fine early in the week is back to ouchy again. I also realized he got ridden 6x this week. So, today, he was off. I am pretty optimistic that the next round of shoes…along with softer ground (please, let more rain come for fall) will have him sound. I might ask about some Equipak for his feet if he is still feeling ouchy at the next appointment. But, he is really feeling nice, he is rounding well, stretching into contact most of the time, and is getting steadier in carrying himself. When the concussion is bothering him, we do a lot of walk/halt/walk transitions, as he seems to enjoying his rides, and looked disappointed when I did not get him out today.

Bali, she’s been working hard all week. I’ve been focusing on that improved collection and connection during my rides. Insisting on forward as soon as we start. She gets a massage once a month and she got her massage yesterday. I like that I get a report on her fitness, any sore points, stiff areas, and it gives me another set of eyes on my horse. Yesterday, her only sore spot was her rectus abdominus…on the left. Today, on our LONG conditioning trail ride, at the beginning, she was offering to increase pace! Later, after a good long trot, I noticed her having a bit of reluctance at times, and Suzy noticed that she was swinging that hind foot a little bit differently on some steps, so I think that she shall get a day off tomorrow. Maybe even a bute. It was a fun trail ride. I need to get out and do this sort of ride more often on Bali, she might lose some weight. She is a chubby girl. If she lost weight, maybe the wide tree jumping saddle would fit her and it is SO much better for me. But, her back is strong and I’m not sure how much that will change. I’m still holding out some hope though.

Sparkle used to get massaged every other month, but Sparkle doesn’t like massages. Since our ride where Sparkle cried “WOLF!!!!”, she has had an occasional bobble on the LF. I noticed a teeny bit of filling in the ankle before turning her out a couple of days ago, so I think she might have twisted it or stepped wrong. It does not feel serious, so we’re just taking it easy for a few days.

Pat and I headed down to UVA to take Chris some stuff yesterday. He is settled in and finding the routine he’ll need for this semester. Organic Chemistry is going to be hard, but he is ready for the challenge and will get help if he needs it. I went with him to the grocery store to get a few more ingredients for a few meals, showed him how to take out electrical burners to clean the stove, and we had a great dinner at a little Chinese restaurant near the Outback Steakhouse (thanks for the recommendation, Steve!).

There is mowing to be done, but I think I’ll take a nap before I start more mowing.


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