Wolf!!! Danger, Danger!

That is Sparkle’s version of our ride tonight. A neighbor has a silent and large husky, and it came trotting over, but not real close, it almost looks like a hybrid.

I don’t think Sparkle has ever been that up before. Ever. She was doing that high pitched warning snort, and seriously ready to get outta dodge.

I had to laugh at her, but she is a very safety conscious girl, and wolves are not safe. She gave the warning call a few times, and was cautious about the deer and Jack Russell Terrier as well.

But, since it is Sparkle, the ride was still pleasant.

This morning, I had a nice ride on Tanq, who was sound!!! Or about 98% of the way there. We rode in the pasture. The boy has grown….again. Butt high, and that has impacted his going again and he seems like his stifles are stiff again…or maybe mincing around on a bruised foot for 2 weeks has made the stifles sore again? I dunno. I’m probably going to schedule the chiro for him in a couple of weeks if long & low work doesn’t make it go away. I have to stagger my vet bills though and if I wait until Sept, that bill won’t come until October.

I did the core class and the gym yoga class again today. Those core muscles, the ones under the glutes? WEAK. On the upside, one of my new coworkers goes to the gym daily, a gym buddy always helps with motivation, so 11:30 tomorrow…I might just be in a world of hurt…the healthy kind of getting into better condition.


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