Dressage at Foxcroft – Show report.

Summary, meh. 2-2, first ride, 52.432% and 2-1, second ride, 57.368. Same judge, Heidi Berry.

For both, I thought they felt about 3% better, but from C, they obviously were not. But, at least now, I’m only off about 3% in what I think I feel vs. 10%+ a couple of years ago. And, progress is being made! I’m mostly all meh because I had a goal to stay over 60% all year, and I’ve stayed pretty close, if not there. We are now 3 scores under-goal, but that’s ok. There are more shows and she is just 6.

Foxcroft is a gorgeous facility. The grounds are so pleasant and the day was nice. I got there right after the rain, which meant I didn’t get wet, but it also meant that the humidity was likely peaking. CDCTA put on a great show and it was well run. Hopefully next year, I will not be doing college move-in weekend for Chris and I can volunteer. They were running a bit short on volunteers.

Bali was not round enough or “on the bit”, not enough self carriage in 2-2. On the second test, the judge asked me which I felt was better, and she said she thought my second was significantly better, and even wrote that in the comments.

Did I not have enough warm up? The second test was ridden about 30 minutes after the first. I will say the footing in the show-ring was DEEP. And on the first time in, I wasn’t prepared for it, so I felt like I was riding in molasses. Since Bali is not the most forward of girls, that’s the last thing we need. Warming up on the grass was great and I almost wish we’d had a ring set up on grass, but I think most DQs don’t like grass rings. As I’ve heard mutterings about “too hard” or “too slick” on grass.

The second time in, I was ready for the deep, and I think Bali was also, so we went in and had a better test.

It was a gorgeous day and soon, I’ll be able to post pictures soon, since Doug & Suzy came along to help.


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2 Responses to Dressage at Foxcroft – Show report.

  1. Marge says:

    Good show. Good day. Glad you are blogging!

    • Thanks. I’ve been keeping a journal for several years, starting in 2006, took a break in 2007, then started up again in 2008, but it was on a small, closed board. I have a lot of friends who are not there, so I’ve moved it. I did transition the archives from 2/2008, as you’ll see if you are ever bored, but, lots of quality photographs are usually provided.

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