Most awesome son, he’s mine.

I have one child, a son, and he is a Second year student at University of Virginia (other schools call that a sophomore). Not only do I love him, but I like him, he is a really fun guy to be around. He has a good sense of humor and we have great discussions on all sorts of topics. Well, when we manage to get together. Even when he is home in summers…we are both very busy and often only see each other in passing!

Last year, he was a Freshman at the University of Mary Washington, and did very well, played Varsity Lacrosse on the Eagles team, but wanted to move to school with a bigger sciences program. He applied to VA Tech and UVA, was accepted to both, and decided to go to UVA in Charlottesville, VA.

He also decided to join Naval ROTC. This week was O-Week, what they call the orientation week for NROTC at UVA. The NROTC Unit is pretty fantastic on the communication front. They posted pictures every day!

I snagged a few and put them up on my facebook page with him tagged.

We (Pat and I) went down to watch the graduation ceremony today, and I was impressed at how well they did! 6 days and they were marching, cleaned up, at attention and the amount of information they crammed into that week was huge! Field stripping and reassembling rifles, basic sailing, PT, Code of Conduct, pages and pages of notes.

Chris said the PT was pretty easy, but that is because the workout schedule of a college level, varsity athlete is intense. This PT is for the more average fitness person. He enjoyed the week and I enjoyed a day finishing getting him moved in, and hearing his stories from the week.

His unit leader also told me that he was the runner up for honor graduate of the week. He really felt that Chris made the week better for everyone. Words to make a parent proud!

You can also go to and then click on photos in the menu on the left.


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