The Archives 7/18/10 – 8/9/10

The weather is perfect for attempting to swim…and this time we took our photographer.

Encouraging the ponies to go in.
A step at a time….with multiple pony club kicks…and using the bat…
Romeo is braver to start
Fine! I’ll go first
Almost there….
Mounting while swimming
Romeo not a fan, but getting closer
She actually swam a tiny bit

It was ridiculous amounts of fun.

We might try Sparkle next time. This was at Lauren’s farm. It is pretty neat that they built a beach for the horses on one side of the pond. There are so many fish in there!

Isn’t there a pond for swimming at Morningside? We totally need to make a date for a trip there!

Renvers has been hard for me. Partly because I have a hard time w/ right/left and I get myself all confused when I go to switch from shoulder in.

last night, after we worked on a lot of canter, collection mostly I wanted to work on the renvers. So, while it has improved greatly and I am now getting a change of bend, I lose pace and rhythm when I get it.

So, what we played with was leg yield down the wall, face to the wall. That established the bend I wanted, then, I moved the shoulders out and the haunches in while maintaining that LY bend, and voila…renvers.

I’ll be using that as an exercise during our rides to get it better.

Next, I had been playing around with half steps/counted walk, to see if it might be a better way to get Bali into the idea of piaffe, so I did it and Lauren thinks it is slowing her hind end down too much, so we changed to doing four steps back, four steps forward, rinse repeat 4 or 5 times, then ask for some piaffe (with ground person) and move forward as soon as one or two steps happen. That seemed to be much less drama filled than the last time we played with the piaffe. Didn’t get quite as much sit, but until she understands the concept, that sit was not being used properly. Kick-out, twist, step was just not the sequence that is desired.

I was really bleh last night, and after my lesson, on the way home, I realized it might have been because I had gotten stung by a yellowjacket right before we left and had taken a benadryl. Which…was enough to make me dull and annoyed with feedback. Although, the only thing I said was when Lauren again called my tipping forward slightly “jumper position”. I talked back and said to STOP SAYING that. Because it is NOT jumper position, it is FAR from it, and while I am tipping forward, I’m tired of the jumper people saying sitting up is DQ position and the DQ saying tipping forward is jumper position, because it is neither dammit. And since I try to do both, I’m sick of hearing the words for what is not the case. And I was cranky, and tired of using my mental filter on a lesson.

On the whole it was a good lesson, even if I was cranky and silent (other than jumper position annoyance) and I am surprised at how fit Bali is. We did a LOT of canter and it was muggy and she was fine.

Oh, the last thing I’ve been playing with, is hosing her BEFORE I tack up. That really seems to make the whole ride better in this heat and humidity.

2 lessons in this heat is a little bit taxing.

Bali was good. Today, we worked on keeping the outside aids when jumping. And…there was an exercise. a pair of bounces, on 90 degree angles from each other. The turn between, was to be a turn on the haunches, and that was at w/t/and c. 😮

Actually, on Bali, that wasn’t so bad, on Tanq…it was :o, but I’ll get to that later.

So, my job was to keep my hands up, keep Bali lifted up, and do the adds. Both were 10′ bounces, and we spent a fair amount of time with them as ground poles, but it worked well.

I rode Bali AFTER Tanq this weekend, and it was an “aaah, what a lovely horse I have” ride.

Yes, she is not type A, and so requires a bit of externally provided motivation to get her motor going, but she is so pleasant to ride. Sonya wasn’t so worried about my leg. She seems to think it is more horse/saddle than anything. But, until I have a spare $5K to drop on a saddle, I am sucking it up and working hard to make it work.

And, I’d like to point out that this OTTB(Romeo) looks pretty good too…particularly as he is 25. Suzy is, as always, riding him. But we traded out on Friday night, for a trail ride, and I got to gallop him. I had forgotten just how fast that horse is.

At the end, they grew into actual verticals and we added in another jump for 2 lines. I like to drop my inside rein. A Lot. I was really enjoying the adjustability that I have in Bali’s canter these days. When I’d ask for more lift in her shoulders, it was there. She started to land soft after the jump, and overall, I’m starting to learn to use all that DQ stuff in a jumping saddle.

Some various pictures from Saturday’s lesson.

Taking off
Almost in flight

Ears up…often not where they sit




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