Nice horse, rider weak…

This blog will be a bit disjointed, as I’m putting archives up, and the way blogs work those will just be interspersed. But, once I finish transitioning the archives over, it will be boring.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been fitting in some gym yoga classes, they are downstairs, not really yoga, but 45 minutes of much needed strength with a fair amount of stretching. But, by going to these, I realize how freakin’ weak my core has gotten. Not all of it, but there are some muscles that I need to target and strengthen, and learn to fire, because I overuse some and end up way tight in those, and under utilize others…like my TVA. Some of that mess of muscles around the SI (piriformis, psoas, and others I’m too lazy to get out my anatomy book to look up) are not being used properly.

Not to be a whiner or make excuses, but I wonder how much of this is from the L3/4/5(SI) disc issues. My pain management doc, who gives me my epidural steroid shots and the SI injections, says I have neurological degradation. She wants me to go to a neurologist, but I’m wondering if I don’t need to find some targeted PT. Or find the time to do a good hour of targeted yoga poses/core exercises…hmm, give up the bad computer hours perhaps?

Have I allowed the pain, or even the fear of pain, to drive this loss of strength?

Tonight, I was really feeling frustrated with my left leg. I have a hard time getting it to obey. It is weak and I have to concentrate 3x as hard to get the same results. I think I’ll start making an effort to attend the daily 15 minute core class downstairs. If nothing else, it will help my back.

Enough whining.

Tonight, Lauren had seen our ride times up, that we are riding 2-1 and 2-2 on Sunday at Foxcroft. I hope 2 classes in one day isn’t too much, but the weather forecast looks ok. Even for times between 1 and 2pm.

The topline was good, I’ve been working on lengthening her neck, sending her ears away, but bringing her nose in a bit more. I’ve been really playing with releasing my inside rein…a lot. A bit too much it seems…it was distracting…duly noted. Play with releasing inside rein in a less-fussy way. I’d watched someone doing this at the PVDA R4L in a GP level ride and it was mostly experimentation. It does work, but I think I’ll play with longer release periods, less release for one stirde with every other stride.

As always, a bit more engagement. I’m to practice taking my leg completely off her, then when I put it back on, if I don’t get an immediate response, I’m to pop her to send her forward. She still needs to be more responsive to the leg.

Canter work, was all respectable. I need to work on remembering to get one more collected stride before coming to the walk for the simple change. The counter canter of 2-2 is odd, but fine. The first medium was good, the second, not enough.

Onto shoulder in/haunches in. This is where the weakness on my left side is killing me. I have a really hard time keeping my thigh long and engaged to bend her around the leg when it is the inside, and when it is the outside, I have a hard time using the lower leg to keep the haunches where I want them. A couple of exercises, to help. Ride HI in the corner, coming into it. Really use that to just keep the bend. Do a few bad leg yields, overbent on purpose. Then, ride a leg yield facing the wall, really emphasizing the bend around my leg.

All those helped, and I think with more remedial off-the horse work on ME, and my strength, I’ll re-find those muscles and start using them when needed. That, and until that happens, I need to remember to keep my whip in the left hand, because I can use it to tap/reinforce my wimpy-disobedient leg.

After this, we were done. We ended a few minutes early, because the humidity was high and Bali was hot. Then, it was off to grab Sparkle while Andi has her lesson. Sparkle, was awesome. She always is.


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