The Archives 5/8/08 – 5/19/08

Bali today had her first ever “I’m done” moment.

We’d had a nice work, a fair amount of trot and canter, then stopped to talk to the neighbor….and it went a while. When I finally returned to finish cooling her out properly, Ranger was going inside and as we passed the barn she said “I should be done too”. I said “no, we are going to walk around the pasture”. She said “but I think I should be done” as she walked, reluctantly. Then, she got distracted because there were to Canada geese to chase out of the pasture, but once that job was finished, she wanted to dive back out the gate. Much head twirling ensued each time we passed the gate. One half-hearted buck, a few tail swishes, and then she decided that she could actually walk around like a nice girl. I got off at that point. No reason to pick a fight.

Anyway, I’m having difficulty getting her to move off/away from my leg, the inside one. She falls in, a lot, and so I’d love to see things that others have done/tried that work.

I think of a crop/whip behind the leg as a forward aid, but how about for move over? Should I use spurs a couple of times? Go back to the ground to re-establish give to pressure means move away from the pressure, not lean into pressure?

Pictures of Bali…she is embarrassed because she is so FAT. So, she has been hiding from our camera man…well, not exactly, I just haven’t been riding her when Doug is out, and I shall fix that next time he comes out. But, she does look like she should be foaling in about 3 weeks.

I adore her canter. I cannot help but start grinning about 2 strides into it. The most absolutely comfortable horse I’ve ever sat upon! EVER! And I was shocked to find she has an “I’m done” in her. This is the horse who tries to get taken in for another ride after you’ve come back with the 2nd horse. She is always at the gate with a “pick me! pick me! You want to take me, right? You don’t have to catch me, I’m here! take me!” dance going on. In fact, you have to beat her back to keep her from coming with you as she squeezes her massive self through the 2″ space you’ve left between the other horse and the gate. Gate crashing? bali’s specialty.


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