The Archives 3/22/08 – 4/21/08

3/22/08 at 19:45
Poor Bali has had a rough couple of days. A huge lump on her neck yesterday, that was much smaller today, and then today, she seemed to have a bit of a tummy ache. She had eaten her first flake of hay, pooped, so I wasn’t worried about impaction, so I decided that a ride might get things moving.

It did seem to help a lot. She was out grazing normally this evening, but she definitely was off. Wouldn’t have a treat, eat grass, nothing. By the midpoint of our ride, she had a bite of grass, then took a treat. And started to perk up considerably.

I do love her. She is so nice to ride, but today, I was starting to wonder how long I can keep her barefoot. Trotting on asphalt she seemed a touch short, but not always the same foot. Trotting on grass she felt fine.

I may get some old Macs for her, since the longer I can put off shoes, the better.

3/23/08 Smitten! That is me!
Bali was such a good girl today. Definitely back to her normal self, which means a little bit exasperating, but in a way that doesn’t make you mad, but makes you laugh as you correct her.

I skipped lunging and since the line was still set from yesterday, I went through it a few times.

She started out like this….

But figured it out, so that at the end, she was concentrating very hard, but looked like this…


Lucky for me, Doug was there and took pictures AND played jump crew!

You can see the entire day, and cry at idhokie’s captions by reviewing the folder….

I cannot wait for a jumping saddle for Bali. This jumping in a dressage saddle…well, it doesn’t work so well. It would probably work better if I punched about 4 more holes in the leathers, but they are on the top hole for dressage length. Because I know I’m at the wrong length, I let the reins be too long, as I don’t want to punish her for my monkey-like riding.

With any hope, the saddle will be done in 2 more weeks.

3/28/08 at 23:16
So, Bali still has me concerned. She is acting mostly normal, but I’m still called the vet for a chat tonight for some odd swellings. Another dose of iv banamine and I’ll call him tomorrow to update.

I’m happy that my vet is on call this weekend! She is definitely mostly normal in behavior though, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

4/2/08 at 12:49
Hmm, A week off for Bali, because she was feeling punkish and sick – better now, and I decided that I should lunge her.

That was a WISE decision. Exuberant does not begin to describe her shenanigans on the lunge, but after she got them all out, she settled into work and was all bidness.

I decided to hop on, and she was fabulous. Not an ear turned wrong. Just w/t/c, nothing exciting, but I attempted to keep to the 20m circles, with good form which is hard for Baliboo.

4/3/08 at 12:57

Poor Bali, she is owned by a retard who gets terribly dyslexic about right/left, and even sometimes inside/outside.

So, what did I do today? I fucked up the side reins. We’ve been working her with the inside side rein 2 holes shorter, upon trainer recommendation. It has been working well. Today…I was thinking, wow, she’s really bending, since there was slack in that inside side rein….

Then I went to reverse.


No adjustment needed to reverse after all. So, we lunged the 2nd way, then went back for a short bit of work the first direction…with the side reins fixed.

Not the worst thing I could do, especially since she is young and works with those side reins fairly long anyway, but I felt bad.

She was marvelous under saddle though.
4/7/08 at 10:29
Bali is just fun. She makes me laugh.

We’ve had several rides, and we try to make a baby step of progress each day. Yesterday, I worked on trotting 1/4 of the 20m circle, cantering 1/4, rinse repeat. She was getting it fairly well, right is still easier than left.

She still tends to start cantering when I want more trot, but it is less often as we get into the ride further. At the beginning, she will just step into canter.

idhokie tried her yesterday. Noted the marshmallow feel of Bali. Everything feels in slow motion on her, and everything feels soft. Even when she kicks out.

I’ve signed her up for Training 2 at a dressage show in a couple of weeks. So, we are hoping to put in a respectable outting there. I am hoping for her jumping saddle soon. I’d love to start popping her over fences once a week or so.

4/15/08 at 13:44
Wheee, the saddle for Bali shipped to me last week, so it just might be at home when I get there! A jumping saddle for the Baliboo!!! And Sparkle.

I’ve practiced Training 2 a couple of times and all the elements several times. I think it will be respectable. She is starting to reach down and out, so we might have a stretchy circle soon, which will mean she could move to Training 3 and 4!

Leg yield is still shaky. She tries, but it is still hard. I need to get her out on trails a bit more, but her lack of shoes makes me conservative with the amount of roads/gravel we do, and my budget doesn’t have another set of shoes in it yet.

I tried riding her in spurs last week, and it showed me two things. She is as capable of ignoring them as my leg, so I’ll just leave them off as it raises the temptation to use them more than I should, and she is a cool cucumber about new things. “whatever” seems to be her motto.

Last night it was dark when we rode, and she did a fine job. At dusk, she was a bit looky, but she settled in and by the time we finished, it was fully dark and she was quite focused and not worried about any shadows outside the ring. (no lights on)

4/16/08 at 9:53
The saddle fits!!!!!

I took a jumping lesson this morning on Bali, so I’m quite glad the saddle fits. And, it is not too slippery for a brand new, out of the box saddle.

But, I got nailed for letting Bali make me work to hard on going forward.

So, my homework is establish forward as the instant reaction to the cluck/leg/whip combination. No contorting MY position to try to get her to move. I stay correct, use whip if cluck/leg does not work. Make sure I don’t catch her when she moves forward….pretty standard stuff. I intellectually KNOW this, but I slide into bad habits on youngsters.

After a bit of work on the forward response, the exercise became bounce-distance ground poles, to cross a vertical in the middle, but then Bali lost forward, died in the middle and knocked one down hard, so it was back to ground poles w/ cross rails to make sure she keeps her confidence and willingness.

I am so very pleased with my Baliboo. When Mary first saw her, she initially thought it was Jules, and was wondering how I’d gotten that much fat onto Jules in 2 weeks…then she realized it was a different bay mare with a crooked stripe on her face, younger and bigger overall.

Bali is a very different ride from the TBs. Probably more like Sparkle, but Sparkle has already had the forward button installed, so I’ve forgotten what it is like.

Lovely morning for a lesson.

4/21/08 at 15:44
Bali got to go ride in the pouring rain too! She was great. I originally signed up to ride Training 2 on her. We got there, with not quite enough warm up time, which ended up needing to be in the ring, since the rain made the warmup areas non-ridable.

This also blew my plans of “lunging first” away, since really, my goal was to wipe pouring rain off saddle, and get my ass into saddle before it was soaked again.

Bali had not been ridden since Wednesday. So, truly, not ideal conditions for a young lady’s second show. Pouring, not enough work, leaving a friend behind in the trailer!

She was great. No bad behavior, just some tenseness that would have gone away with a longer warmup. The puddle avoidance…I’m not sure that weaving could have been corrected. Unlike Romeo, who actually stomped a bit more firmly as he entered the puddle, which made me laugh!

She got a 60% on her test. The 2nd half was much nicer than the first part, so I asked if there were scratches if I could add in another test. Test 1 or 3, although I’d prefer 1, since Bali doesn’t have a stretchy circle yet.

Test 1 it was. She got 61.?? on that one, and it was decent.

The judge had pleasant comments and I laughed my way through most of Bali’s bobbles, because really, it was pouring rain, I’m riding a greenbean w/out adequate warmup, and so really, just have what fun I could!

Once we got home, I smelled a dread smell. Burning something….Probably locked brake…rear tire on driver’s side of trailer. So, trailer goes in for the service that I have been meaning to schedule. The brake had been making a bit of noise, so I’d even called one place to talk about an estimate on that and new rear-wall mats. But, I got all nervous about a new place, and will just take it back out to my trusted mechanic in WV. While I know odds are good Trailer Care would be fine, I feel they are pricey, and I just haven’t had enough experiences there to have a warm fuzzy. With David, I will get my warm fuzzy, although, he is not “cheap”, but I trust the work he’ll do.


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