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Tonight Bali had an easy night. She got to try on her new Schneider’s blanket and it FIT! Woohoo. It is only a turnout sheet, so I may order a liner in a similar style to layer for this year, or I may just let her freeze as a dry horse under the waterproof turnout!

Then, we tacked up, and skipped lunging. It is too hard to lunge in the dark and she worked yesterday, fairly hard in the morning.

It was a w/t/c ride with lots of transitions. w/t/w then t/c/t/c transitions. She is really fun as she tries really hard.

I had zero motivation today. I had run a bazillion errands and was ready to just sit around and work on taxes, but decided that since the weather was not foul, I should go out, dressed to ride, and at least pet the ponies.

I pulled Bali out and opted to ride, but skipped lunging. Tomorrow, I lunge. She was not ill-behaved, but I am starting to like letting her work things out on how to bend on the lunge line w/ side reins.

We played with some leg yield at the walk and trot today, and she is starting to get it. We did a fair amount of canter, and I think we might get a few pictures (Mr. idhokie was out w/ his camera), where the dreadful counterbend may show up.

Fun pony though. And Mike, the draft next door, adores her. He came galloping over when he realized he was missing his Bali live entertainment show.

Bali was wonderful this morning. I lunged her first, did one hole shorter on the inside side rein, and I think it is time to move to 2 holes for a week or so. She was excellent and her trot canter transitions are shaping up nicely.

Then, I hopped on, and worked on allowing that left bend to come. We are working on leg yield more and she is catching on nicely. Interesting observation, she has a harder time bending on circles to the left, but it was easier for her to leg yield away from my left leg, with that left bend. We went back to the walk for the leg yield on the right, then finished when she did a nice leg yield from quarterline to edge of ring.

Her canter under saddle is pretty comfy too!

Here she was with her counter-bending self on Saturday (I’m so glad idhokie is marrying this man….he is great to have around for many things, not the least of which is the pictures!)



I am having a total blast with Bali. This little horse is adorable in her personality. She has as much personality as Romeo, who sometimes has a bit too much.

This weekend, it was lunging in the side reins, with the inside 2 holes shorter. That was hard. But, she did well, then I rode her and continued with getting her to step away from the leg using the turn on the forehand and working on the baby leg yield.

Tonight, I brought her in and we skipped lunging, and I’m trying to keep it all together, not look down, don’t collapse to one side or the other…why is it that it seems like it will be easier to get a leg yield if you contort the upper body? Hmm…hasn’t worked yet, so I’m not sure why that is the instinctive thing to do. So, sitting straight and tall, and just working on getting her to step under herself for slight leg yields. We are doing a fair number of transitions as well.

It was pretty windy out tonight and I have to say I love having a baby who is ok, by herself, as it is almost dark, in 20mph+ winds and is just all “ladida, I’m the chosen pony, she picked me”.

Sadly, I am going to have to purchase a saddle though. While Sparkle’s dressage saddle fits Bali, it is not going to be suitable for jumping, and I have no jumping saddle that wide. I’ve got one coming for a trial, I have a feeling I’ll be using it as a fitting piece, shipping it back with an order for a different size seat & tree, but it will be close enough to see if I like the model and if it will fit my girls.

But, the nice thought is that perhaps Sparkle will like jumping once I have a jumping saddle that fits her! Pico’s was too narrow and I do believe that is why Sparkle didn’t take to jumping much. It isn’t hugely too narrow, but enough that it is not what she is used to and certainly not pleasant on landing.


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