The Archives 2/20/08 Bali!!!

Bali simply must have her own journal as well. 3.5 year old Oldenburg mare, purchased as a yearling in July 05. Started by Shiv at Goodness Ridge Farm in MD for 60 days in July/August 07.  Home to me Dec. 07. Here she is upon coming home! Bali is Home! mid-January August 2009 For comparison And her video from a lesson w/ JJ Saturday, 2/16/08. I’m trying to remember to not collapse to the inside, and working on stabilizing my hands (always). Playing with a baby is fun. Today, it was a hard day, JJ recommended lunging w/ the inside siderein shorter to help her learn to bend (she likes to counter bend) and that is visibly harder for her.  She worked hard on Monday, but had yesterday off, then today, I think she still had a tiny bit of residual soreness, as she was cranky.  She warmed up out of it, but had a fair amount of yeehaw on the lunge line.  After that, she was oh-so soft and did some lovely canter departs.  I hopped on and we practiced some turn on the forehand, to teach her to engage her inside hind and step under in response to the leg, and then, in keeping w/ JJ’s advice, I added a new concept at the end, asking her to start some leg yield at the walk. She is still a baby horse and did not have quite this much yeehaw this morning. With Bali, I’m finally learning how to use lunging as a working tool.  I’d never had any lessons with lunging and never boarded in barns where it was used, so I’ve never used much lunging in any other young horses.  Small amounts of “cowboy” lunging and ground driving, but not engaged, DQ lunging.


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